Crocheted Throw pillow cover

Reflections on a fall-like winter’s day

It’s a windy day here in the Midwest, but the sun is finally shining brightly again after what felt like weeks of dreary greyness. It’s early January, but with an outside temp of 41, it almost feels like fall instead of the post-Christmas winter that it really is.

The older two started school again yesterday and while they’re away (and on his day off from pre-school), the youngest is enjoying having the house and everything that goes with it to himself again… even if only for a few hours.

It’s been two days, and we’re slowly getting back into our regular school time routine. The little guy and I spent some time in the basement this morning cleaning up and putting boxes of decorations back into storage. Let’s face it though, cleaning the basement is not something that will keep a 5-year-old’s attention for very long, if at all, so even though my time downstairs was productive, it was short-lived. It’s almost nap time now, and he still has more energy than the Energizer bunny so I’m having him dance to the ending credit songs as I sit soaking in what’s left of the winter sunshine while drinking a much-needed cup of tea and crocheting a new throw pillow cover for the sofa.

In between crazy dance moves, he keeps coming over and showering me with kisses and then he goes over to my mama’s dog to pat her on the head and give her just a little more loving.

We’ve been dog sitting Lilly for a few weeks now and my daughter and the little guy are loving it. I don’t think any dog has ever been more loved while on vacation than this one. She’s definitely been spoiled with lots of hugs and belly rubs these past two weeks.

The holidays tend to get a little more stressful than they need to be for me, and this year was no exception. They’re over now though and I’m thankful that (almost) everything’s been put away for the next 11 months. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but the added decorations and other stuff make our home feel so much smaller than it is, and that just gets to me.

So, to not be a Grinch, I knit, crochet, cross-stitch or embroider… anything to keep my hands busy and my mind occupied… and because there are only a few minutes left before nap time, I try to get another row completed while the little guy shows off his crazy moves, but I’m distracted and having a hard time crocheting anything right now.

Knitting and crocheting remind me of my Oma. Oma lived a good long life and, at 96, we knew that our days left with her were numbered, but I don’t think that any of us were really and truly prepared when she passed away on Christmas morning. Well, maybe those that lived closest to her were, but I know that I wasn’t.

I have so many fond memories of her teaching me to knit while I was visiting her in Germany, and then teaching me even more knitting techniques later on in my 20’s when I lived there with her. Even though I eventually learned to crochet thanks to YouTube, she’s the one who first showed me how to hold the hook and crochet a chain.

She was an amazing woman and words can not describe how much I miss her. I’m thankful though for the time I was able to spend with her, especially those years in my early 20’s.

And I feel blessed knowing that every time I pick up my needles or hook to create something new, a little piece of her lives on.

Corner to Corner blanket in Yarnspirations Bernat Pop! Chambray Blue

Blanket making frenzy

It’s mid-afternoon, the little guy is down for his nap, and the house is mostly cleanish. I’m sitting here on the couch, listening to the washing machine in its final spin cycle, wondering if there’s laundry in the dryer that needs to be dewrinkeld, but I’ve just sat down and am feeling just a tad too lazy to get up and check on that right now… instead I’ll sit here with my Chromebook on my lap and type a little.

We had a taste of Spring last week, but it’s gotten colder again this week… dashing all hopes of warmer weather and long walks outside. The past few days have been a blur of cleaning, decluttering, school drop-offs and pick-ups, and crocheting. While I should be working on my husband’s mega striped, never-ending blanket, so that it can be finished before he retires, I’ve actually been working on stash-buster grannies. Part of decluttering means using up what I have and the granny blankets are just so much fun to make. Because they’re made entirely from leftover skeins in my stash, it’s been interesting to see how the various colors and yarns end up working with each other.

There’s something gloriously monotonous about working with grannies. While that sounds like it should be a bad thing, it’s not the dull, “poke your eyes out” monotony that the hdc striped blanket has become. I’m having so much fun working those rounds, seeing it all come together, that I’ve even been weaving in my ends as I go along! Wonders do exist!! haha

Corner to Corner blanket in Yarnspirations Bernat Pop! Chambray Blue

I did break my destash/no new yarn rule today though. A local family is collecting blankets to donate to the Children’s hospital downtown in honor of their son who passed away last year. As soon as my husband told me about the collection, I just knew that I had to make some blankets.

While out at the store today, I picked up some Yarnspirations Bernat Pop! in Blue Chambray and Snow Queen. I’ve never used it before but fell in love with the colors and softness. I couldn’t resist! Since I tend to crochet on the tighter side, I decided to use a J (6.00mm) hook, rather than the recommended 5.00 mm, to make a corner to corner blanket. It’s working up pretty quickly, drapes nicely, and will hopefully bring a smile and some warmth to a little one.


Quick and Cute Crochet Easter Projects

10Quick and Cute Easter Crochet Projects

It’s the second day of Spring, which means that Easter will be here in just a few shorts weeks. I like to add some handmade items to my holiday decorations and there’s still plenty of time to complete a few (if not all) of these free projects!

This Easter Egg Garland from Mama Michie’s Musings will brighten any mantle and can be made in just one afternoon.

These bunny appliques from Repeat Crafter Me are just the cutest and I just love that big fluffy pom pom!

These little bunnies from Sparkles of Sunshine are just too cute and would make great gift toppers or decorative pins.

I love the look of Granny Squares and these little crocheted Granny Eggs from Skip To My Lou are just too cute!

The Easter Egg Cozies from Petals to Picots would be a cute way to liven up your breakfast table even after Easter is over!


If you’re a fan of runny eggs, these little egg warmer hats from Leah Maxwell would be perfect for keeping them nice and warm!


I can’t get over how cute this little egg beanie from Pysseldommer is! Make sure you scroll down the page a little for the English translation.


These mini crocheted Easter egg baskets from Hello Yellow Yarn are just too cute!! I think I would fill mine with malted robin eggs!

My kids and I are suckers for amigurumi, and these crocheted amigurumi Easter eggs from the Pudgy Rabbit are adorable!

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of plastic eggs, but with three kids, they are super convenient. I love these little crocheted covers found on Craftaholics Anonymous, especially the little sheep!


Happy All Over Featured Image

What’s in a name?

Back in 2011, when the idea of opening Noby Designs was just that, an idea, we only had two children – Noah and Abigail.

Since Abby and Noah were the reason and inspiration behind my new adventures in sewing these personalized, reversible tote bags, I knew that I somehow wanted to incorporate them into the shop… but the question was how? Should I name bags after them or maybe name the shop after them? If I did decided to name the shop after them, how would I do that? My mind was racing with idea’s and I’m sure that my husband was slowly getting annoyed with me, since I was constantly bombarding him with new names.

In the end, I decided that the best thing to do, was to combine their names. By taking the first two letters of my son’s name and the last two of my daughters nickname, the word Noby was created.

After that, everything else just fell into place and Noby Designs was born.


I just wanted to pop in really quickly to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Michaela and for the past few years, I have been blogging over at my family/lifestyle blog – Mama Michie’s Musings.

Back in 2011, when I started Noby Designs, I had two small children (ages 3 and 1) at home. I was blogging about daily life with the children and about crafts, so it was just natural for me to integrate the happenings of Noby Designs into that space.

As time passed though, I found that I was writing less and less about either subject… family and handmade. As much as those two worlds are intertwined in my real life, I was having a hard time making them mesh together online.

For many different reasons, I’ve recently decided to change the hosting of that blog. That change has prompted me to start this site dedicated solely to Noby Designs and art of handmade.

I look forward to what the future holds and sharing handmade with you!