Tote Bags

These personalized, reversible tote bags are the perfect choice for overnight trips to grandma’s house, preschool, or for simply carrying around your little ones most important things throughout the day!

Available in multiple styles and sizes, I’m sure to have something that’s just right for the little one in your life!


Bright Paisley

Featuring paisley prints and flowers in brilliant yellow, purple, teal, and fuchsia, this tote is sure to brighten any girls day!

Flower Power

Featuring fun whimsical flowers in teal, green, and purple, the Flower Power tote continues to be a best seller.

Happy All Over Featured Image

Happy All Over

Lined with a light blue fabric covered in pastel flowers, the Happy All Over tote is sure to make any little girl smile!

Happy Zoo

Friendly hippos, lions, and zebras frolic all over the inside lining of this Happy Zoo tote bag.

Little Dino

This tote bag is perfect for the little dinosaur lover in your life! Carnivores and herbivores roam together peacefully on this Little Dino tote.

Little Owls

Little owls in pink, purple, fuchsia, blue, and green cover the lining of the Little Owls tote.

Puppy Love

Adorable little dogs in shades of blue and brown parade all over the lining of this Puppy Love tote!

Serendipity Flowers

With its paisley prints and flowers in shades of yellow, orange, pink, and blue, the Serendipity Flowers tote is a fun print any little girl would love.

Sock Monkey

Your little monkey is sure to fall in love with this tote! Featuring little gray sock monkeys, this fabric is as timeless as it is classic.